Attention to detailed manufacturing process is critical with any natural botanical raw material that by nature differs due to each season’s growing and harvest conditions. Continuous on-line monitoring of approved manufacturing processes allows each active ingredient batch to meet precise specifications. Third party audits ensure that our production facility maintains the highest level of manufacturing and quality control.

Innovative Technologies
Ceapro has a wide array of extraction and purification technologies at it’s disposal. We are constantly developing new processes to complement our existing platform in order to develop and commercialize our next generation of products.

Quality Control (QC)
Maintaining the highest standard of manufacturing quality for our product rests with Quality Control (QC). In-line monitoring of all processes is critical when working with materials from nature.

Current Capacity & Capabilities
Ceapro currently has the ability to manufacture multi-tonne quantities of our products using batch mode processes. We’ve designed and will be implementing semi-continuous and continuous manufacturing processes in the near future, which will allow us to simultaneously produce multiple products.