Quality Control (QC)

Due to the natural variation of any plant source, Quality Control (QC) plays a crucial role to ensure that raw materials and processing aids meet the highest standards. Ceapro’s products are standardized based on a clinical dose response of the active molecules. To further validate our results, third party laboratories are routinely used to corroborate our analytical data. Other QC activities include:

  • Custom manufactured processing equipment specifically meets the 3A Sanitary standard for the stringent dairy industry and eventually the future P3A sanitary standard for pharmaceutical manufacturing.
  • Ceapro’s proprietary processing technologies use only environmentally friendly or “green” solvents and GRAS (Generally Recognized As Safe) raw and processing ingredients that are acceptable in all food and cosmetic formulations.
  • “Green” solvents are efficiently recycled using Ceapro patented technology so that solvents are not released into the environment.
  • Close proximity of our laboratory to the manufacturing area allows real-time monitoring of all aspects of production to ensure Ceapro’s standards for finished products are met each and every time.

Ceapro’s Quality Control has the ability to measure each of Ceapro’s active ingredients as well as host of other parameters. Microbiological testing is conducted through a third party laboratory that is accredited by Health Canada using USP approved methods. As per Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP), raw materials are screened prior to being quarantined before being tested and released to general inventory.