PGX Technology

Ceapro’s patented Pressurized Gas eXpanded (PGX) Technology is a unique and disruptive technology with several key advantages over conventional drying and purification technologies that can be used to process biopolymers into high-value, nano-sized polymer structures and novel bio-nanocomposites. PGX is ideally suited for processing challenging high-molecular-weight, water-soluble biopolymers. It has the ability to make ultra-light, highly porous polymer structures on a continuous basis, which is not possible using today’s conventional technologies.

PGX was invented by Dr. Feral Temelli from the Department of Agricultural, Food & Nutritional Science of the University of Alberta along with Dr. Bernhard Seifried, now Director of Engineering Research and Technology at Ceapro. The license from the University of Alberta provides Ceapro with exclusive worldwide rights in all industrial applications.

Ceapro has built pilot scale and production scale units reaching commercial scale aqueous feed flow rates, thereby transforming laboratory findings into innovative products, which are the fruit of multidisciplinary collaboration and strong partnerships, and which
lead to ongoing research and high-value development initiatives.

Presentation by Bernhard Seifried, Ph.D., Ceapro’s Director of Engineering Research & Technology, and Feral Temelli, Ph.D., Department of Agricultural, Food & Nutritional Science of the University of Alberta at the 12th International Symposium on Supercritical Fluids (ISSF 2018) on April 25th, 2018 in Antibes, France.
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Dr. Bernhard Seifried, PhD
Director of Engineering Research & Technology