Product Pipeline

Products Providing Solutions

Global cosmetic and personal care companies recognize and rely on Ceapro’s innovative and natural ingredients to provide superior and functionally active benefits to their products.

Ceapro believes that good health means going back to basics and enhancing the gifts nature has to offer us. For centuries man has benefited from natural remedies and ingredients to promote health and well being. With that foundation, Ceapro has developed a line of innovative active ingredients and formulations to enhance both human and animal health. Our commitment to ongoing research and development continues to expand Ceapro’s portfolio of new products.

Oat Products
Oats have been used since ancient times to alleviate a variety of skin problems. The soothing and  functionally active power of oat ingredients has been at the core of our business.

Botanical Products
Finding the best functionally active value from nature is important to Ceapro. Using our existing platform of extraction and purification technologies, we have the ability to develop unique products from a wide variety of natural sources.

Technical Information