CP Sweet Blue Lupin

CP Sweet Blue Lupin Peptides are extracted to ensure optimum isolation and high purification of protein together with sustainability, enhanced traceability, and safety.

Lupin Peptides have previously been associated with beneficial skin effects but  now also demonstrates excellent nourishing properties for hair.  CP Sweet Blue Lupin Peptides offer a cost effective natural ingredient for repairing and revitalizing damaged hair as well as maintaining healthy hair.

Some of their activities and benefits include:

  • Performance prove superior color-fast protection and shine to hair
  • Provides good conditioning and protects hair without buildup
  • Penetrates hair, increases strength
  • Reinforces disulphide bonds in damaged hair
  • Increases hair moisturization
  • Maintains feel and reduces tangling for chemically-treated hair
  • Improves damaged relaxed hair

CP Sweet Blue Lupin
Sweet Blue Lupin MSDS