CP Oat Avenanthramides

Avenanthramides are a group of naturally occurring polyphenols found only in oats. CEAPRO scientists were the first to identify the link between the traditional symptomatic relief from oatmeal and the skin soothing activity of avenanthramides. CP oat Avenanthramide is produced by a patent protected process.

  • Fully soluble in aqueous, oil/water, water/oil systems
  • Yellow -amber colour
  • Low odour
Activity & Benefits
  • Contains natural antioxidants producing superior skin soothing benefits
  • The skin calming active has been identified as Avenanthramides
  • Standardized on its active principle of 100ppm Avenanthramides A,B,C

CP Oat Avenanthramide Extract

CP Oat Avenanthramides MSDS