Research & Development

From field to formulator, Ceapro’s R&D team is involved in all aspects of new product and process development. Ability to monitor a plant’s production of a specific active is the first step in developing a consistent standardized natural product. Working with like-minded partners, collaborators, and some of the world’s best scientists, Ceapro develops unique and innovative products for healthcare markets. Through our commitment to ongoing research and development, we continue to expand our portfolio of new products.

Ceapro’s scientists and process engineers have the ability to develop new products and processes in the laboratory and then scale them up to full commercial production.

Intellectual Property
In order to protect Ceapro’s inventions, we file patent applications containing three key components; Process, Composition and Methods of Use.

Partners & Collaboration
Ceapro actively works with private and public companies, academia and government laboratories in order to identify new product opportunities for commercialization.

Current Projects
Ceapro is currently evaluating several unique crops through in-license agreements and is focused on bringing new products to market.

Publications & Articles